A wood deck has an average life expectancy of around 9 up to 14 years. A lot of decks that have surpassed their lifespan are still in use. However, it can be very dangerous. Accidents from collapsed decks can be deadly. Thus, maintaining and inspecting your deck is the best way to prevent this.

Here are several tips and indications to help you determine when you might have to hire a deck design company for deck repair.

Railings and Stairs

To ensure that they’re in place and secure, you have to inspect every banister and railing. This is particularly true if your deck is higher off the ground. In addition to that, check that every riser is in place securely and not decayed.

Cracks in the Wood

As the deck ages, cracks in a wood deck are extremely common. Large or excessive cracks can deteriorate a deck. This will make it prone to collapse. Cracks still occur even with regularly applying a preservative coating/sealing. Cracks enable water into the wood that results in decay.

Rotting or Decaying Wood

The lifespan of a wood deck isn’t that long. Exposure to the elements can cause wood to degrade and rot easily over time. This is particularly true when your area rains a lot. The first indications of decay will probably show up in places of the deck where water puddles. You can easily resolve this issue by changing the wood planks. But, it is perhaps time to rebuild the deck if the deck frame starts to rot.

An expert deck builder examines for rot with the use of a long screwdriver. You can also use your finger to check your deck. Start with places that are wrinkled or stained. The wood is decaying and your deck isn’t safe anymore if they’re squishy or soft to the touch or being to collapse under the pressure of your finger. You have to ensure to examine the wood in a couple of various places on your deck. Keep in mind that you have to pay close attention to places that are frequently wet. Also, focus on places that are vital to your deck’s structural stability.

Loosening and Corrosion of Connectors

Over time, crucial connections can become degraded because of natural wear and tear and the weather. You have to replace a rusty fastener since it can cause decay to the wood that surrounds it. You’ve got to ensure you examine for any loosened fasteners. This includes anchors, screws, and nails.

Accidents that result from a collapsing deck can be severe. Thus, you have to maintain and inspect your deck properly. You can easily help keep your family and friends safe if you are always aware of when your deck needs to be rebuilt or repair. You can always consider alternative wood products if you discover that your deck’s structural integrity is compromised that even a simple repair can’t fix it. Whenever you have to replace your entire deck, always ask the builder for affordable options.