Stop the Lines! 
                Opposition to Susquehanna Roseland Powerline Project

Upcoming PSE&G project related meetings


Clean energy canoe and Kayak trip June 4 2011 - More info here




Rally Oct 23 2010 at Portland Walking bridge


Secret Treasures: A Bus & Walking Tour Of Historic Stillwater and Millbrook Villages May 22 2010   Flyer

Hike to Save the Park - June 5 2010 beginning at Millbrook Village.  More info and directions here:   Flyer



Highlands Council vote on PSE&G proposed project  
June 25, 2009 at 1:00 PM   at 100 North Road,  Chester, NJ 07930
(They voted, said the project was consistent with the goals of the Highlands Act, even though it is far from consistent. But they are promised $18.6 Million if the project gets approved in December....amazing what money can buy - lots of souls being sold)

Note:  The DEP still makes the final determination on the exemption, or lack of exemption - this is FAR from a "done deal".

BPU Schedule of the review process

- It is crucial to attend your local township council meetings and get involved!
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